The Memorial Centre Hobart

The RAAF Association Memorial Centre at 61 Davey St Hobart, Tasmania, was purchased by public subscription and fund raising activities soon after the end of WWII.  The Centre was purchased in 1946 and after extensive renovations the building was opened and occupied in 1954 as the State Headquarters of the RAAF Association in Tasmania. The building was originally held in trust for all members by Trustees but as the Association became an Incorporated Body in 2001, in April 2013 the Trustees transferred to the Association.

The Ground Floor of the building is used primarily by the Association for administration and recreation. There is a well stocked library, a memorial room, a members lounge, a kitchen, a bar, and a training room. Part of the eastern section of the Ground Floor and the Upstairs areas are leased to tenants whose rents provide the Division with much needed revenue to promote Member Welfare support and activities. The excellent Museum is located on the upper floor and is available for viewing on request.

The RAAF Association Memorial Centre contains excellent member facilities. Along with the bar and Member’s Lounge, which also serves as a Dining Area for the many luncheons and dinners, there is a fully equipped Kitchen with a commercial Cooking Range plus a Microwave Oven, and Crockery and Cutlery to serve up to 80 people. Excellent facilities for private functions.

The Association rents the Centre for functions or corporate events. For details on renting the Memorial Centre see the webpage Memorial Centre Hire.