Tasmania Division – Management

Retiring State President
SQNLDR Alan Robertson

State Council

For the RAAFA Tasmania Division, the State Council of the is the governing body of the Tasmania Division while the State Executive is responsible for the day to day management of the Association Affairs. The full Council meets once a year and the Executive at least every six months or as determined by need.

State Council Members

The Division is controlled by a State Council which comprises:

The State President

The Deputy State President

The Presidents of each Branch (State Vice Presidents)

The State Secretary/Executive Officer RAAF Memorial Centre

The State Treasurer

Two delegates from each Branch, and

The Senior Air Force Officer Tasmania

State Executive

The State Executive is the day to day management body of the Tasmania Division and is responsible to the State Council.  The Executive makes policy recommendations to the Council and implements the policies and directives issued by the Council.  The State Executive also forms the Board of Management for the business enterprise activities of the RAAFA Memorial Centre and the State Secretary fills the role as the Executive Officer of the Memorial Centre.

State Executive Members

The State President

Deputy State President

The  State Vice Presidents (being the Presidents of each Branch)

The State Secretary/Executive Officer RAAFA Memorial Centre

The State Treasurer

The day to day management functions are managed by the State President, State Secretary and the State Treasurer.