RAAFA Activities –Social Distancing

Dear Members,

Now that restrictions on social gatherings have been eased somewhat, there still remains the requirement for Social Distancing. Social Distancing is the law and will be with us for some time, probably until a vaccine is found and administered. On that basis the following policy will apply to use of the RAAF Memorial Centre with immediate effect and  until further notice. 

 On entering the Memorial Centre members should use the sanitizer provided. It has been determined that for any social gatherings, attendees are to be seated in the lounge room area, and the library if required, at the tables and in the seating configuration provided, ie four people to a table – both ends and middle either side.

 Members should only go to the Bar Area to order and pay for their refreshments before returning to their seating in the lounge room and/or library. At any one time, a limit of seven (7) people in the Bar Area will apply with social distancing observed.

 Members are encouraged to use the cash free facility to purchase their refreshments with a credit or debit card but cash will still be accepted. Hobart Committee members, and any other persons using the Memorial Centre, should ensure that all furniture, surfaces and appropriate items are disinfected before any functions.

 There should be a maximum of two bar staff observing appropriate social distancing. Disposable gloves should be used when handling money or foodstuffs, and to observe social distancing it would be appropriate for committee members to offer Happy Hour snacks to members at their tables. It would also be appropriate for members consuming any snacks to utilize paper plates and napkins. Similarly, to maintain appropriate social distance, any raffle ticket sales should be sold from the Lounge Entry Point. 

    While these rules may appear restrictive, they are for your health and safety and we ask for your co-operation in ensuring that everyone stays safe while still enjoying each other’s company.

State President                                                               27 May 2020