Purpose: To provide directional guidance to the Committee of the Museum in the conduct of Museum business.

 1.    Duties of the Museum Committee.

The Committee shall be responsible for the collecting, cataloguing, storage and display of all records, memorabilia, artefacts or other items held in the Museum or displayed in any part of the building. The Committee is empowered to do all lawful acts, incidental or conducive to the attainment  or maintenance of the items/artefacts etc.,  held in the Museum.

 2.   Meetings of the Museum Committee

The Museum Committee shall meet at least twice in each year and at any other time requested by the Museum Chairman . The Committee shall keep all minutes of the meetings and proceeding and are to produce an Annual Report to the State Council for its Annual General Meeting. The Honorary Curator, if appointed,  shall be an ex-officio member of the Committee but shall not have a vote

 3.   Proceedings of the Museum Committee

At all meetings of the Museum Committee all questions at any meeting shall be decided  by a majority of votes of those present and qualified to vote.  A quorum shall consist of  three (3) Committee Members. 

 4.   Finance

 The Museum Committee shall keep a full and true record of all funds and monies that may be either collected by them or allocated to them and shall produce those records for audit and report to the Annual General Meeting of the Tasmania Division.   The Committee shall submit requests for financial assistance to the State Council, through the State Secretary

 5.    Workplace Health and Safety

The Museum Committee are to familiarise themselves with the Workplace Health and Safety provisions  of the Constitution and the Safety Brief applicable to all visitors to the Museum and  are to ensure they take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance.

 Note:  The Museum Committee are to also be cognizant of the Divisional Constitutional provisions relating to the operation of the Museum.


Re-confirmed 02 Jun 20